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Let Go! The Plan Isn’t Yours


Photographer:DayranPhotos   So...it’s a wake up call. That's right! It’s that moment when the penny finally drops and you get it! That thing....the missing piece of the puzzle. The light bulb moment. The Revelation!....Wooo! All your life you believed you had it nailed. You had what you believed was the PLAN....You knew what you were going to ...

4 Things I Have Learnt From The First 4 Episodes of No Ordinary Woman Chat Show


FIND YOUR PASSION AND LET IT KILL YOU. - CHARLES BUKOWSKI   The No Ordinary Woman Chat Show emphasises that you will know when you are walking in your passion, when you find the time, no matter how busy your schedule to do what you love. Mother of two and Hair Stylist Yonkel C in The First Episode ...