‘Switching Lanes’



I just want us to take a moment to reflect on this common statement.

‘ Stay in your lane’.

I’m sure at some point in time, you’ve have either said it to someone or embraced  it, when considering your own position in life.

However, I want us to reconsider it, for a moment, so that we can fully reject its restriction.

Yep, I said it. Reject it!!

Here’s why I think we should..

By default as women, we have to wear so many hats and much like an octopus, we juggle so much at one time. This is no mean feat, yet its incredible to believe that, we take on this erroneous thinking and use it as a tool, to indirectly put ourselves and others in a box…

So with that in mind..consider the entrepreneurial wife, mother, singleton, who has amassed her own little empire.
She has developed vital skills that enables her to be as creative and inventive with her life.

A No Ordinary Woman that can jump from one job to another, bearing in mind, what she might of believed and been told in the past.
Such as…
“Your great at that”
“You should stick to that”
“That’s where you work best”
“I can’t see you doing anything else”.


Seems like there is no room for maneuver  and indirectly that box was hand picked either by them for you, or by yourself! I get it! and its easy to see, how we can let that become part of our thoughts from time to time.

But you see, as a believer I take my guide from a place of hope. Knowing that we are capable of a whole lot more and a bag of chips…

Take a look at the best template for a radical change of mind, that can totally shift your thinking for the better!

The Book of Proverbs
Proverbs 31

This is an illustration of a woman that has been ‘Switching Lanes’, with ease.

‘A Mother, Teacher, Seamstress, Designer, Gardener, Buyer & Seller….’

Wow.. Amazing right?

So many different facets of a guide for a woman, that is not confined to one thing. But created by an intelligent God, that allows her to flourish in a dynamic, thoughtful, business-like, caring and nurturing way

That’s why I believe we should say NO to ‘ stay in your lane’ and a big fat YES to ‘ Switching Lanes’.

Written by Petula Hippolyte

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