Many people are so tired of trying to “get there” that they don’t even want to get there anymore.  They are zombies trapped in a state of existence that is neither here nor there.  This lukewarm attitude pulls them into the abyss of mediocrity.  They get a job, marry, buy a car, accumulate stocks, and have children.  But without passion, they are simply going through the motions!  Instead of rising each morning with a song of joy in their hearts, they hum a melody in monotone.  They go through their day, mumbling and complaining.  These mummies may be mommies or daddies; they may even be preachers or teachers.  But they are corpses who aren’t quite dead.  Their near-comatose condition exempts them from pain, but denies them pleasure, they may be immune to failure, but they are susceptible to all kinds of negative experiences.

What good is life without living? Taste it, live it –even at the risk of occasional failure and adversity, if you are going to stand at the plate, take a swing at the ball! “What if I miss?” you say.  Well, I say, “What if you miss out before you’ve even taken a swing?” Wake up and play! You’re not dead!  Many things in you may have died, but you are not dead! Perhaps you have given up.  No one knows you’ve quit, but inside, you have thrown in the towel.  You wanted to make a difference, but when you ran into some obstacle, you decided to adjust your expectations to your limitations.

Jesus suffered the loss of His disciples, His earthly ministry, His friends, and even His clothes.  They cast lots at His bleeding feet for His seamless robe (see John 19:23, 24), but they could not strip away His passion.  Even while He was dying He continued to minister His message.  He went through hell to reach the joy set before Him, but when He had finished, He got up with the keys to death and hell!  His prize was a Church purchased by the blood He shed.  But what is ultimately important is that He accomplished it with His passion.

God has too much for you to do to waste any more time!  Get up, breathe deeply of this moment.  There will never be another moment in your life like this one, I can spare you tears, fears, or trauma; each passion has its cost.  In fact, it is the cost that validates the enormity of the passion.  It is what you endure that expresses the depth your desire.


‘You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At your right hand are pleasures forevermore’.

Psalm 16:11 


T.D. Jakes


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