Distinctly Different




There was no mistake when you breathed you’re first breath and you staked your claim in the world.  It’s amazing…the infinite facets of womankind.

You come with a patent, a list of intricate spiritual, emotional and creative tools. The assured guarantee, stamped on your heart by the creator of the universe. The bible even talks about our perfect beginnings, with no exception.

Psalm 139:14  

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well ‘

Unfortunately though, some women believe the lie, that in order to be relevant in a man’s world, you become like a man, when the opposite is true.  Oh no….!  The No ordinary Woman, houses an intelligent and abundance of solutions and life answers, for those who are struggling to find hers.  She is a naturally resourceful human being, marked by her original DNA, accepting her place in the world, with an innate reverence, all the while continuing to provoke thought on all levels.

However, women do have a tendency to mimic the habits of other ‘Personalities in Shero worship’ and while this feels very inherent, as it is often seen as a complimentary thing to the receiver, we tend to lose sight of our womanly qualities and gifts in the process.  Maybe there is a genuine element of respect, which has been fueled by a tinge of jealousy or covetousness. We habitually, look to see a hopeful reflection, as a substitute.

So instead of embracing your endless, creative individuality – She lacks confidence, which may stem from a place of insecurity and low self- esteem.  Her chitter chatter by night and day, at this point, has talked herself out of every bold decision, and every creative past time, as well as obstructing making life- changing choices for the future.  Often, a temporary glitch and a necessary way of doing an inventory of herself, in the mean time. Complacency is not one of her usual haunts; though she only goes to that place, when life gets a bit hectic and a sign she has to slow down.

However, ‘No Ordinary Women’ are distinctly different by their unfathomable resources, which they bring to the table, igniting a plethora of ideas and energy resonating from her presence.  She is like a stone, thrown into pond that makes waves and is measured by its purpose. Without her interaction or say, it would be like ‘designing a plug without a socket’.  A natural help meet, to all in sundry this is where she effortlessly flourishes.

A unique blend of wisdom and ingenuity, spreading joy and laughter, with an equally fine tuned brain, that solidifies and concludes decisions, with fairness and determination.

‘The No Ordinary women ‘grasps her uniqueness with curiosity and vigor and continues to pursue personal development, while she allows you the freedom to be who you are too. There are no comparison sites in her world and her distinctly different’ attributes are considered very distinct indeed.


Petula  Hippolyte ©2017



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