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Distinctly Different


    There was no mistake when you breathed you’re first breath and you staked your claim in the world.  It’s amazing…the infinite facets of womankind. You come with a patent, a list of intricate spiritual, emotional and creative tools. The assured guarantee, stamped on your heart by the creator of the universe. The bible even talks about ...

Take your ‘VISION’ and run with it!


Take your ‘VISION’ and run with it! The kind of vision I am referring to, are not to the gifted amongst us, who are able to perceive in lucid dreams. But more to our mental pictures, that have a practical application, needing our valuable, physical input.  Every so often, our ‘thoughts ‘too habitually go awry, because ...



You were that No Ordinary Woman The one that sat amongst the ranks of Women Who had deliberated and procrastinated for too long. You were that No Ordinary Woman That had perceived that she could not do what others dared to do, Yet, everything that you could ever imagine Is now about to come to pass...Can you see it? Trust me. Believe ...