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No Ordinary Woman Chat Show

‘A Platform to Inspire Females with a Purpose’

Our vision is to Inspire, Encourage and Empower females globally to step out and walk in their purpose.

Whilst studying society today, we see several examples of women with great influence under represented and negatively portrayed.  Very little is heard about other ‘Leading Successful Women’ who are walking in their purpose.

 ‘The No Ordinary Woman Chat Show an online girl talk is a platform to inspire females with a purpose to share these stories with our viewers.

 Young girls and women will see living examples of leadership and positive influences, which can impact and change many lives. 

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Laura & Ije  co-founders of Hubbee 

Lola is an award-winning TV presenter, producer, voiceover artist and writer.  

Marsha & Chyloe Powell| Founders of BelEve UK 

Joan Achong, singer/songwriter,UK recording artist